Choir tour to Italy - July 2017

Outdoor Opera

I have to say the outdoor opera was a once in a lifetime experience. And it was an amazing storyline. Holly got extremely excited over bassoons when she heard them in the first act. It was an amazing experience to watch the grand march in the second act, Keshav's line was 'it was actually so sick'. The opera was a wonderful experience and I would love to go again! 

What a week

This week has been amazing and I would love to go again. Back to the modern churches of Padova, the stunning views of Venice, the wonderful mountains of Arsiero, the arena of Verona. And of course the wonders that laid in the walls of Cittadella. There was a slight bit of sadness as we sang Cantate Domino for the last time. So it's time for name and shame

In 3rd place for name and shame is.... Amaan for managing to pick up the wrong shirt for the first concert.

In 2nd place...... Amaan for going into a restaurant ordering, then realising he forgot his wallet 

Verona tour

We're on a walking tour learning about the history of Verona. Romeo e Giulietta, the Romans, and Dante!

Gelato a Verona!

We've a day off from performing today and after a walk around the city walls we've travelled to Verona. Just getting a gelato and then some free time for shopping before a walking tour. Dinner then we head to the Arena for a performance of Aida! Che meraviglia!

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