Access the Archive

The Old Foresters' Club and Forest School have funded the creation of the Forest School Digital Archive.

School magazines 1865-2013, School registers 1845-1988, School histories and Old Forester's memories can now be viewed online. For login details, please contact the Archivist, Sue Coates, on 020 8509 6591 or email

Forest School Archive

With minutes of the founders meetings in 1834, magazines dating back to 1865 and recorded pupil memories from as early as 1879 it is difficult to say when the Archive was set up. In 2008 the generosity of Old Foresters and the Old Foresters Club funded the refurbishment of the present suite of rooms in the main School - formerly the boarding washroom area – and since then the collection has gone from strength to strength. Old Foresters are most welcome to visit the Archive and refresh their memories. Please contact the Archivist, Sue Coates, to arrange a visit.

The Archive deals with a steady flow of enquiries concerning Old Foresters, Masters, Head Masters, Wardens and support staff. Subject-based enquiries are extremely diverse, ranging from sport, to Royal visits and the two World Wars.

Items from the Archive are used in displays at reunions and may be taken out on visits to Old Foresters who are no longer able to make the journey to Forest School.

The Archive is a valuable educational tool. It is used to inform pupils of the School's history and is visited by all pupils at some stage during their time at Forest.

Current research

With a history covering over 180 years, Forest School continues to provide us with investigative opportunities. From compiling a guide to the graves of the fallen of WW2, to a monthly update on the Great War and Old Foresters’ roles within that conflict, there is always something to research, to remember and to share with our current generation of pupils. Recently we have started to look into the histories of the Old Foresters who fled the Nazi regime in Europe, either independently or via the Kinder Transport.

If you have any information on this, or would like to share other historical information, please contact

Donating Artefacts

We welcome any donations of artefacts from both your time at Forest or about Forest School and its history. Photographs, uniforms, memorabilia and books, along with written memories are all welcomed by the School Archive.